Tucker Carlson eviscerates ‘dumb’ reporter over ‘Replacement Theory’

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News June 27, 2024

American conservative commentator Tucker Carlson ventured down under and told the crowd on the Australian Freedom Conference in Canberra on Tuesday that he “resented” how media organizations and journalists are now aligning with governments and the powerful.

“I find it disgusting actually. It’s a perfect inversion of what you’re supposed to do,” he said. “If you’re a journalist, your job is to challenge power on behalf of the powerless, it’s not to align with the powerful against the powerless. And that is precisely what you’ve done.”

Carlson’s exchange with Australia’s AAP Newswire’s Kat Wong, in which Wong alleged he had promoted what she alleged is a racist “great replacement theory,” went viral:

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