Deceiving the nation: Debate sparks anger at Democrats, ‘Uniparty’ media, Bidens

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 28, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

Over the past four years, Joe Biden’s handlers, Democrats, legacy media allies, “Uniparty” friends, and his own family have done everything possible to hide from the American people exactly what they saw in one 90-minute span on CNN Thursday night.

Video of Jill Biden taking her 81-year-old husband’s hand and guiding him down the three or so steps on the debate stage only sparked more anger at those who crave power so badly they are willing to deceive the nation about the man who would be commander-in-chief.

Joe Biden is guided off the CNN debate stage Thursday night by wife Jill Biden. / Video Image

Who can assess the consequences of that deception for the future of the United States and the world at large?

“Everyone who tries to convince you that they just figured out Joe Biden was incapacitated last night is lying. Everyone from Rachel Maddow to your morning barista. All of them,” former  Trump White House official Garrett Ziegler said.

Ziegler, founder of the Marco Polo group which published an online database of the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop [see excerpts], pointed to page 559 of the laptop report, which includes the following:

“Hunter knew that Joe had dementia and urged him to run for pResident anyway. Hunter’s former psychiatrist — who had postulated in 2012 that Joe had dementia after Joe’s vice-presidential debate performance — brought up his mental condition in two separate iMessages. Hunter wanted to bring on Joe as ‘our first guest’ to a podcast the two were planning, but his partner asked: ‘Does he recall details though], with the dementia and all?’ Hunter responded: ‘Not much these days but since it’s all fake news anyway I don’t see the problem.’ “

Ziegler added in a social media post: “They also knew it in 2020 when they pretended to believe Joe Biden received 81 million real, lawful, American votes. They lied then too. This includes the Uniparty Right media who’ve spent nearly four years pretending Joe was a real, legitimate President. Do not let them talk about replacing Biden until they admit he was never elected in the first place. Letting them talk about Gavin or Mike or Hillary is letting them change the subject.”

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All of those “stunned” Democrats and pundits who always seem to share identical daily talking points knew it, too.

Conservative commentator Scott McKay wrote on Facebook: “Bear in mind that there is no mechanism for the Democrats to remove Joe Biden as their nominee. The mechanism was the primary process and they blocked all the potential challengers.

“They now have to convince him not to run. Which means they have to convince Jill Lady MacBeth Biden to voluntarily give up being First Lady. This after feeding this delusion that he was competent to be president for YEARS. He’s not even competent to stand trial.

“You think Jill hasn’t known this since 2020? All these people talking about how they have a plan. Dragging Joe Biden across the finish line was the plan. Now it’s blown up in their faces. And don’t assume they’re going to come up with a new plan, either. A new plan means Biden’s handlers would be giving up power, and these are the most power-hungry scumbags America has ever seen.”

Another conservative commentator, Lauren Witzke, wrote in a Telegram post:

“I grew up in Delaware with Joe Biden as my Senator my entire life.

“Joe was always corrupt, but at least he used to be fairly sharp and moderate — with a basic understanding of the blue dog Dem’s struggles and the cognitive ability to address them accordingly. Now, it’s obvious he has devolved into a full blown dementia patient, and his current state is a national security threat to all of us.

“The Democrats have known this for years, and as a party decided to keep it hidden from the American people for as long as they could… until last night.

“The Democrat party should be held accountable for putting our entire nation in danger, and for deceiving millions of people who trusted their discernment. What we saw last night should not be jokingly dismissed as ‘elder abuse.’

“This is criminal.”

Investigative journalist Julie Kelly pointed out in a Facebook post: “Keep in mind — Donald Trump just finished 2 trials and is preparing to go to trial in Jack Smith’s case against him in Florida. Prosecutors are trying to destroy his businesses and his family. He is under relentless attacks by the media.

“Joe Biden just took 10 days off.”

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