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Tuesday, April 12, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Intel: Iran's IRGC in Syria since 2008; Opposition claims nation occupied

The following is an update of yesterday's article.

WASHINGTON — Iran has deployed 10,000 elite troops in Syria to protect the regime of President Bashar Assad and has been in effective control of the country for the past week, the opposition said.


U.S. intelligence sources said the IRGC is known to have maintained its presence in Syria since 2008.

The Reform Party of Syria said Iran has deployed its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Syria to bolster Syria's defense. The Washington-based opposition group said the IRGC contingent in Syria includes 10,000 troops, with headquarters in the northern province of Homs.

"In essence, the IRGC now occupies Syria and has become its de facto ruler," RPS spokesman Farid Ghadry said. "Syria has become the 32nd province of Iran."

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On April 10, at least five people were killed in clashes between security forces and protesters throughout Syria. All except one of the victims were identified as civilians.

RPS, regarded as authoritative, said IRGC was playing a leading role in regime security as well as Syrian defense, Middle East Newsline reported. The opposition said IRGC personnel included experts in missiles, nuclear development, security and training.

At first, IRGC monitored the anti-Assad protests. But since April 4, RPS said, IRGC has been directing all security operations through its command and control center in Homs, including monitoring the Assad family.

"All of Assad's high echelon security generals now report directly to the IRGC as of April 4, 2011," RPS said. "All the generals in Assad's army and security apparatuses, with emphasis on the Alawite generals, including Maher Assad, are being closely monitored by the IRGC for fear of a military coup."

Maher, Assad's younger brother, was said to be playing a leading role in quelling the uprising in Syria. RPS said IRGC, in an operation by Hisham Bikhtiar, was monitoring telephones and tracking the vehicles of senior government officials.

IRGC was said to have played a key role in security operations in the southern city of Dera. IRGC said senior officers directed Syrian security forces to employ live fire in which nearly 30 civilians were killed in Dera on April 8-9.

"It targeted the city of Dera because the IRGC deemed that breaking the people's will in Dera will demoralize the other cities," RPS said on April 9.


Stop the new holocaust. Bashar Assad and his thugs are conducting a systematic killing in Syria against innocent protestors for no guilt other than calling for Freedom. In one of his interviews, he said we don’t have Guantanamo. The truth is “Syria is a big Guantanamo”. It is a call to your conscience to help stop the new Holocaust against Syrian people.

Syrian Citizen      4:32 p.m. / Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Iranian people are wonderful. Iran should be a prosperous nation. The only people who dislike the Ayatollahs more than the U.S. are the people of Iran.

James      7:15 a.m. / Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Islamic Regime must go and is the root of all evil!!! Iranian people are good people and need the assistance of the international community to get rid of these tyrannical and messianic extremists...these are people who rape our young women so that they don't go to "heaven" as virgins.

Sassan      6:24 p.m. / Monday, April 11, 2011

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