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Wednesday, August 24, 2011     GET REAL

Gulf security chief: 'Invisible hands' of Israel behind 'Arab Spring'

ABU DHABI — A leading United Arab Emirates commander has accused Israel of engineering the revolt in the Arab world.


Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim says Israel was behind the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and revolutions in other Arab states. Tamim, commander of the Dubai police and regarded as one of the top three security officers in the UAE, says Israel overthrew Mubarak because of his role in leading the Egyptian Air Force in the Arab-Israeli war in 1973.

"I believe that Mubarak's trial in Ramadan is not coincidental, and if the verdict is issued on Oct. 6 [anniversary of 1973 war], the mothers of the Israeli soldiers who were killed in Bar-Lev Line would be very happy," Tamim said.

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Tamim has often blamed Israel for regional violence. In 2010, Tamim said Israel was behind the assassination of Hamas procurement chief Mahmoud Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel.

"From my knowledge and experience, I can say that any time there is a public movement or upheaval, and when you can't find a leader for this movement, this means that there are invisible hands behind it," Tamim told a news conference on Aug. 16.

The Dubai police chief said Israel maintained a presence in the Gulf and could target anybody in the region, Middle East Newsline reported. Tamim, who suggested a GCC police agency, said his force was still searching for those involved in the Mabhouh killing.

"Israel is a superpower, and has dangerous influence," Tamim said. "If Israel wants someone to escape the rule of justice, they can do it."

The UAE has arrested several dissidents who called for reform in the Gulf Cooperation Council state. Tamim, however, denied that Dubai or the emirates were holding political prisoners, saying criticism was allowed.

"There is no single prisoner of conscience in the UAE," Tamim said. "You can complain about any issue, provided you do not make it a personal attack."


Historically, all wars were started by Khazarian Zionists (non-Jewish illuminazi banksters) with lies so they could fund, supply and prey on all involved. But, I suspect the Arab Spring is simply the weary people standing up for freedom and justice, because they're tired of their dictators' repression and have nothing left to lose. Message to the Arab People: Devise a means to define the true will of your People, then do it. Once this is done for all to know, it can't be stopped. Insist on governments designed from inception to define and fulfill the true will of the people. And you will have become the birthplace of real democracy and a shining example for the world to follow. God's speed.

Al Smith      2:17 p.m. / Saturday, August 27, 2011

This makes no sense. Anybody who lives on this planet should know that the removal of Mubarak leaves a big hole that the muslim brotherhood will fill. They will be substantially less tolerant of Israel's presence and Israel knows this.

Mike      3:22 p.m. / Thursday, August 25, 2011

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