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Monday, April 4, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Opposition: Saudis conducting 'brutal' raids against Bahrain's Shi'ites

ABU DHABI — Saudi troops were believed to be staging nightly raids on Shi'ite opposition activists in Bahrain.


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  • Opposition sources have collected testimony of raids of Shi'ite homes and institutions believed to have been conducted by Saudi soldiers. They said although the soldiers wore masks their accents were identified as Saudi.

    "They are conducting the most brutal of operations," an opposition source said.

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    Saudi Arabia has led the Gulf Cooperation Council's military mission in Bahrain. On April 3, the commander of the GCC's Peninsula Shield force, Maj. Gen. Mutlaq bin Salem Al Azaima, said the mission was meant to protect Bahrain from what he termed foreign aggression, Middle East Newsline reported.

    "Our presence in Bahrain will continue as long as it is needed," Al Azaima said.

    The Bahraini Interior Ministry has reported the death of 24 people in clashes with security forces over the last month. On April 3, the ministry said a Shi'ite detainee, identified as Hassan Maki and linked to anti-regime protests, died after he was given medicine for sickle cell disease.

    "Maki died in mysterious circumstances after five days in detention," the Shi'ite opposition Al Wefaq said.

    The sources said the Saudis were storming Shi'ite homes, destroying and defacing property as well as beating residents in the suburbs of Manama. They said Shi'ite women were threatened with rape and ordered to leave Bahrain for Iran.

    "They are spreading a reign of terror but they are not invulnerable," the source said.

    So far, at least two Saudi soldiers, believed to be members of the Saudi Arabian National Guard, were killed by Shi'ite snipers. In March, Saudi troops were said to have reduced street operations against the Shi'ite opposition amid the assessment that activists were carrying firearms.

    Saudi Arabia has been the leader in the Gulf Cooperation Council military deployment in Bahrain. Riyad was believed to have sent to Manama up to 4,000 troops, including those from units meant to battle Shi'ites in the Saudi kingdom.

    Nabil Rajab, director of the Bahrain Human Rights Center, reported Saudi raids. In one case, scores of men in black ski masks surrounded his house during a television interview.

    The sources said the Saudis were also believed to have been deployed at roadblocks under the Bahraini military flag. So far, neither Bahrain nor Saudi Arabia has confirmed the allegations.


    We Bahrainis thank the Saudi and GCC forces for coming to Bahrain. This person "Nabeel Rajab" is well known in Bahrain as a liar, and he has a creditability issues with the evidence. Here you go:

    Bahrain Facts      5:07 p.m. / Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    The protests didn’t exceed 10000 people...and the people who are loyal to their king and appreciate all what he achieved in 10 years only have gathered twice to prove these protestors have an agenda. We are also demanding our king to stay and we are extremely happy with our jobs and how Bahrain has improved. Everyone has a job and no one is so poor and we have very small unemployment rate! The king pays salaries to the unemployed so that makes it zero! For your information…Shi'ites have more jobs than Sunnis, Shi'ite have more high positions and power than Sunnis...Before u believe anything these fake protester say, ask 70 percent of the real Bahrainis what do they say about their king and prime minister!

    om algassek      9:01 p.m. / Monday, April 4, 2011

    You are only stating what an opposition source stated. How about getting a moderate supporter's opinion on the matter? The opposition has been very good at providing pictures on the recent situation showing the "brutality" of the Bahraini government while completely hiding their own. The country and its citizens, including expatriates, have been terrorized by the protesters, which is something they refuse to admit or report. I'm not saying the government hasn't made mistakes but given the situation people were living under - this was their only way out of it. I wouldn't listen to Nabeel Rajab either. He claims to be a human rights activist - but in fact he is not. Or I should say he is not an activist when it comes to people other than the opposition/protesters. He and Mariam AlKhawaja gloat at the capturing and tortuing of naturalized or innocent expatriates by the protesters and the killing of police force members just doing their job. They refuse to report or condemn these incidents because they are Shi'ites and are biased. They manage to influence people such as yourself into thinking the protesters are only fighting for their right to live in dignity without telling you that these protesters chant death to the King and the ruling family and demand the fall of the government. What human right allows people to hijack a whole city and prevent people from getting to work and stepover other people's right to live the way they want to if they don't agree? What human right causes a whole country to halt its activities for a whole week because of the chaos caused by protesters? What right do these protesters have blackmailing others into not going to work or terrorizing and blocking off certain areas and letting people get fired because they can't get to work? Is it ok to go against the law and not get punished?

    Amina      7:50 p.m. / Monday, April 4, 2011

    We Bahrainis thank the Saudi and GCC forces for coming to Bahrain. All allegations from Nabeel Rajab are not true. Nabeel Rajab is well known in Bahrain as a liar.

    Maraim      4:36 p.m. / Monday, April 4, 2011

    What has been mentioned in the report is 100 percent true.

    Mohammed / Bahrain Youth      4:01 p.m. / Monday, April 4, 2011

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