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Thursday, May 20, 2010     GET REAL

After segregating public beaches, Hamas bans nightlife, motorcycles during exams

GAZA CITY — The Hamas regime has banned nightlife during matriculation examinations.


Officials said Hamas police have begun a crackdown on nightlife along the beaches of the Gaza Strip. They said the ban on entertainment and public bathing would continue through high school matriculation examinations on June 12.

The beach marks one of the few avenues of outdoor recreation in the Islamic-controlled Gaza Strip. In 2010, Hamas police imposed segregation of the sexes at public beaches.

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"We have prepared an action plan for this period so that students are not distracted from their studies," Hamas police spokesman Maj. Ayman Batniji said.

Officials said the new measures, implemented on May 17, included a partial curfew in major cities in the Gaza Strip. They said concerts and outdoor events would be shut down by 11 p.m. on weeknights.

Hamas has also banned motorcycles from the road along the Gaza coast over the weekend. Officials said the ban was meant to prevent accidents along the crowded Gaza beaches during the summer months.

"This is meant to maintain the security and integrity of citizens," a Hamas police statement said.

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