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Thursday, June 7, 2007      New Look for Why?

Israel deploys 'Sentry Tech'; Robot border guards are armed and dangerous

TEL AVIV Israel's military has deployed an unmanned combat system along the border with the Gaza Strip.

Officials said the system, called Sentry Tech, was developed in an effort to reduce combat troops along the Israel-Gaza border. They said the system detects and determines targets and fires light weapons via remote control.

The system was introduced into service in May, officials said. They said Sentry Tech contains sensors and cameras deployed around border posts that could see more than one kilometer into the Gaza Strip.

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The system, produced by the state-owned Rafael, Israel Armament Development Authority, provides an infiltration alert through ground and airborne sensors, Middle East Newsline reported. Operators in command, control, communications, computers and intelligence facilities could then decide to fire a remote-controlled weapon station.

The RCWS could accommodate light weapons and anti-tank missiles. The system was part of the Masua-100 network meant to improve military coordination and situational awareness along the Gaza Strip.

Officials said the system was still not fully operational. They said this could take place by August 2007, when Sentry Tech would create kill zones along the 70-kilometer Gaza border.

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