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Friday, June 15, 2007          Reader Comments          Letters

Poll finds most of world is cool with China catching up with U.S.

A new public opinion poll shows a majority of the American people do not see a danger in China’s economic and military buildup, demonstrating that Beijing's efforts to influence public opinion in the United States have been successful.

The poll, conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and in conjunction with research centers around the world, found that a majority of citizens in eight of 14 countries surveyed (and a plurality in four) expect China to catch up with the United States economically and that they are not worried about it.

Less than a third of respondents believe China's rise will be "mostly negative," with majorities in most countries anticipating a mixed or positive outcome.

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However, the poll also shows that a majority or near majority of respondents in most countries do not trust China will act responsibility beyond its borders.

Most Asians, for example, favor a continuing U.S. security presence to counter China.

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