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Friday, February 11, 2011     GET REAL

Egypt rapidly repairing pipeline to Israel, Jordan

CAIRO — Egypt plans to renew natural gas supplies to Israel and Jordan by mid-February.


Industry sources said the state-owned Egyptian National Gas Co. would renew gas supplies to Israel and Jordan by Feb. 17. They said the company was rapidly repairing a gas terminal bombed by suspected Al Qaida insurgents on Feb. 5.

The Ampal-American Israel Corp. said it has received notification of plans to resume gas supplies from Egypt.

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The company said the explosion and fire damaged a metering station at the gas terminal, which pumps 10.3 billion cubic meters per year for the Arab Gas Pipeline.

The sources said neither the interconnect site nor its pipeline was damaged. They said authorities were repairing a 20-meter segment of the gas pipeline damaged by the explosion.

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