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Monday, August 22, 2011     GET REAL

5 data points on India's 'Arab Spring'

By Sumantra Miatra

The rebel yell spreading across India, as one old fasting Gandhian is shaking the roots of the society and elected government.


That’s how Global media portrayed it. But is it that simple? Hold your breath. Here are the ground truths.

1. Anna Hazare is not Gandhian. Far from it, he is a “Hindu Taliban”. The man preaches and practices public flogging of people who drink. And justifies it. Also he wants television, a symbol of “decadent western civilisation” to be banned.

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2. There was no democracy subversion. No water cannon, no live or rubber bullets, no tanks, machine gun, no tear gas, nothing. No stopping and controlling of media, or monitoring of social networking either. In fact, the fact that these handfuls of people are shouting themselves hoarse against the government and blocking roads without getting shot, proves that the democracy is healthy and robust.

3. This movement is not a mass movement, or a movement of India. 10,000 people across the country is nothing compared to the population of India. Rural and lower strata of people are not even aware of it. A sizable mass of intelligentsia opposes it, too.

4. Anna Hazare, the man, is quite an opportunist and publicity seeker. And a megalomaniac too. Also, he is not democratic either. A man who goes on a hunger strike to bend and coerce the government at his own will and form laws without debating in parliament is not democratic.

5. This thing will not solve the problems of India. There is no quick fix for corruption. Hysteria won’t solve it. Nor will any bad law.


Your opinion is not based upon any real facts. The violence of Taliban is known to everybody even kids. There is no violence in this movement. Looking towards the unrest in world, a lesson should be taken from India. Anna was put in jail even before he started his fast. It was public protest which could bring him out. Do you think an goverment elected by 1.2 billion population will be bent by only 10,000 people? Indian media is covering it 24*7 and today media coverage is alomost 100% in India. Don't you think people including from rural areas are fully equipped to make themselves aware. Let me tell you he is getting support from every part of the society be it hindu or muslim or rural or urban even sex workers too. Before considering a person as opportunistic, kindly note that his total wealth is not more than INR 100 which is less than 3 dollars. Nothing can be resolved unless efforts are made.

An Indian      6:02 a.m. / Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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