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Jordan hands over Palestininan Al Qaida agent to Israel

Monday, March 31, 2003

RAMALLAH Jordan has relayed a Palestinian insurgent to Israel who was sent to launch operations for Al Qaida.

Israeli and Palestinian sources said Abdullah Wawi was arrested in Jordan in January on charges of being an agent for Al Qaida. On March 9, the sources said, Wawi was taken to the Allenby Bridge and handed over to Israeli custody.

It was the first reported case of Jordan handing over a Palestinian suspect to Israel, Middle East Newsline reported. The two countries are said to have increased their military and security relations amid the U.S.-led war against Al Qaida.

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The Palestinian Prisoner Club, based in Gaza City, said Wawi was held more than 42 days in a Jordanian prison. The group said he was tortured during his interrogation by Jordanian agents.

Wawi is the second Palestinian accused of being linked to Al Qaida. On Feb. 3, an Israeli military court handed down an indictment against Nabil Okal in the Gaza Strip. Okah was charged with being trained by Al Qaida in Afghanistan and sent to recruit insurgents for operations against Israel.

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