Intelligent Earth Or
Moronic Group-think?

Those who propagate or support the belief that an unplanned, random "BIG BANG" explosion of unknown matter caused the formation of the numberless bodies of the cosmos should be automatically in position to answer a number of questions which at once arise upon the presentation of such thesis:

    1. The great orb which permits the existence of all forms of life known to man the one and only sun did it take to itself its mighty powers of heat and light which set it apart from other bodies, and did it voluntarily assume it station at the center of the revolving group of planets which include our Earth?

    2. Earth, the one and only known body possessing life-forms among the countless millions out there, did it assume unto itself, from some known source, not only all the life-forms found upon it but the unending means by which all its forms continue to exist? Also, what brought into life-existence the numberless types found upon it?

    3. By what means was Earth able to take for itself a miles-deep (estimated 35-50), crust or girdle to protect its surface from the molten core within; to take the only water and atmosphere known to exist on or about any body of the cosmos, and to replace itself in the circling planets about the sun, to enable all its surfaces to equally benefit? Pure circumstance?

    4. Did Earth choose its accompanying moon and arrange for its beneficial effects? Smart Earth right? Also, how did Earth manage to preclude formation of another life itself? Or, how do we explain its solo existence amongh the countless bodies of the cosmos? Those who assure us there MUST be other Earths out there have NOTHING to support such baseless contention.

    A fantastically-intelligent planet, completely unique in resource and purpose, limitless in power and amazingly self-reliant this planet we call "home". This is the moronic reasoning of the anti-God element with which we are currently cursed; dismissing all concept of Divine Creation and all possibility of a Supreme Intelligence who created it all.

    Let the voice of all reason prevail.

    Samuel M. Poist
    3611 Lochearn Drive
    Baltimore, MD 21207
    (410) 944-5854

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