Iraq insurgents switch focus from American targets, to fellow Iraqis

Monday, December 1, 2003

Sunni insurgents appear to have turned their attention from the U.S. military to Iraqis who cooperate with the coalition.

U.S. officials said insurgents' attacks on American and coalition soldiers have decreased over the last two weeks. They said Saddam loyalists appear to have targeted Iraqis suspected of cooperating with the Coalition Provisional Authority.

The Sunni attacks included car bombings of Iraqi police stations in several towns and cities over the last week. Sunni insurgents have also assassinated police chiefs or senior officials in the towns of Mosul and Latifiyah, Middle East Newsline reported.

U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, commander of the Combined Joint Task Force 7, said the daily average of attacks in Iraq against U.S. troops has dropped 30 percent over the last two weeks. At the same time, Sanchez told a briefing on Friday that over the previous 32 days Sunni attacks on civilians and Iraqi security forces have more than doubled.

"We had had some days where we went as high as 50 engagements, and over the last seven-day period we are down to an average 22 engagements per day," Sanchez said. "And this decline is most significant in the areas where we have taken the fight to the enemy and where we have been the most aggressive in our offensive operations. And I guarantee you that we remain ready to respond should these engagements increase again."

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"These are attacks on key officials such as ministers, police chiefs, Iraqi security forces, and, more importantly, the innocent people of the country," Sanchez said. "The stark reality that we all have to face is that these terrorists have no vision for the future of Iraq, except to create or re-create a repressive state."

Other officials agreed that Sunni insurgents have revised their tactics. They said that at one point in November attacks on coalition forces dropped by 50 percent, but began to escalate over the last week.

"In the past two weeks, these attacks have gone down, attacks against coalition forces," U.S. Central Command chief Gen. John Abizaid said. "But unfortunately we find that attacks against Iraqis have increased."

Abizaid reiterated that the main threat to the U.S.-led coalition was from Saddam loyalists. The general said Al Qaida and other foreign volunteers constituted a small portion of the daily attacks on American troops.

"Foreign fighters are coming in, and it is not correct to say that there are floods of foreign fighters coming in or thousands," Abizaid said. "The number is small."

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