Abandoning all sense of reality, the “all-knowing” anti-God element of science continues to insult all reason with the noxious claim that the earth and all bodies in the cosmos were brought into being by a “big bang” Ý necessarily a random, unplanned explosion or similar occurrence.

Undying fame awaits the scientist who can bring about a random explosion and produce an established sense-of-order within any of its debris. When asked what brought about the perfect and unending relationship between earth, sun, and moon, they are left either blank or with some far-out tale of possibilities. How and why the “big bang” resulted in only one earth, endowed with atmosphere, water, and multitudinous forms of life is also beyond explanation. For decades they have been desperately seeking for any sign of life or condition supporting life, as we know it, totally without success, elsewhere.

The pig-headed scientist who refuses to admit reality is really just a pathetic creature of the pathetic anti-God clan, which seems to now infest the institutes of higher learning of this nation. One must wonder whether one of its more-opinionated number the late Carl Sagan, of Cornell, I believe, is now enjoying his new abode. Indeed, I hope he is.

Samuel M. Poist
2214 Calvert Court, Oak Crest
8810 Walther Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21234

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