Morocco sentences insurgents tied to Casablanca bombings

Sunday, August 3, 2003

CAIRO Morocco has sentenced 29 Islamic insurgents to prison in connection with a bombing campaign in the North African kingdom.

An appeals court in Fez sentenced 29 members of the Salafist Jihadiya group to prison for terms that range from three months and 30 years. The insurgents were convicted of such offenses as kidnapping, incitment to violence and racketeering.

The defendants were arrested a year ago amid a crime wave conducted by the Islamic group. The ages of those convicted ranged from 17 to 51.

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The Salafist members were said to have terrorized poor neighborhoods in Fez. This included extorting shopkeepers and forcing residents to contribute to causes deemed as Islamic.

Most of the convicts received sentences of five years. The organizer of the cell was given a 30-year sentence.

The Salafists have also been accused of carrying out the May 16 suicide attacks in Casablanca in which 44 people were killed. Authorities have arrested 52 suspects, including a British national, identified as Stewart Berri Anthony, a 37-year-old convert to Islam.

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