The God-denying element of science continues to demote the possibility of Divine Creation by persistence in declaring the presence of Earth and all other bodies in the cosmos as due to a Big Bang explosion (of what?). In this light and line of thought, if everyone accepted this totally unproven hypothesis, it at once becomes clear that this lone planet on which all known life resides must be a fantastic and all-powerful body in its own right. Let us consider:

  1. It precluded formation of another like itself;
  2. It armed itself with a mile-deep (est. 35-50) crust or girdle, protecting its surface from the molten core within;
  3. It provided itself with an atmosphere of perfect composition around its entire exterior, without which none of its hosted-life could survive;
  4. It provided itself with an endless supply of ever-circulating water, without which none of its life could possible last;
  5. It arranged to supply itself with an endless supply of heat and light the only such source known to man the sun, around which it and its sister-planets continuously revolve to enable all its surfaces to equally benefit;
  6. It provided itself with a radiation-shielding ozone layer to protect its life from harmful sun-rays that sun which enables all life upon it to survive;
  7. It provided itself with a functional and vitally-accompanying moon, continuously revolving about itself in some 29 earth-days and performing endlessly-useful chores upon Earth's surface;
  8. It voluntarily provided itself with life, from some source, and equipped itself with all necessary provisions to enable all its hosted-forms to survive, of human, animal, plant and all other.
By no means are all Earth's unique features listed just some primary few. A fantastically intelligent planet, completely unique in resource and purpose, limitless in power and amazingly self-reliant, is this Earth we are privileged to call 'home'.

So goes the anti-God logic among us. Let the person of reason judge.

Samuel M. Poist
2214 Calvert Court, Oak Crest
8810 Walther Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21234

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