Terror suspects in Casablanca bombings sentenced to death

Monday, July 14, 2003

Morocco has sentenced to death 10 members of a banned Islamic organization.

A Moroccan court handed down death sentences to 10 members of the banned Salfiya Jihad group. Salfiya was said to have served as a subcontractor for the suicide bombings, which killed 43 people in Casablanca in May.

Those sentenced to death included Salfiya leader Yusef Fikri and his deputy Mohammed Damir, Middle East Newsline reported.

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The Casablanca court also sent another 21 Salfiya members to prison. Their sentences ranged from one year to life in prison.

None of those sentenced on Saturday were accused of being linked to the suicide strikes in Casablanca on May 16. Instead, they were convicted on charges ranging from murder to belonging to an illegal organization.

Salfiya, however, was accused by authorities as having planned, recruited and executed the suicide strikes for Al Qaida. The trial of those accused of being connected to the May bombings will begin at the end of July.

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