‘We demand to be heard’: Why isn’t Hillary’s Broadway musical bringing in the big crowds?

by WorldTribune Staff, May 12, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

“Suffs” is a three-hour-long musical about the American women’s suffrage movement featuring a cast of all female or non-binary performers. Hillary Clinton is a co-producer.

Hillary Clinton said last month that Suffs on Broadway ‘could not be better timed.’ What happened? / Video Image

Breitbart’s David Ng pointed out that it has received a bounty of Tony Award nominations and “an outpouring of adulatory coverage” from legacy media.

Clinton stated she relates to “all of” the characters in the play, telling the Associated Press last month she knows “how hard it is to make change.”

The twice-failed presidential candidate also used Suffs as part of a recent Broadway-themed fundraiser for Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

Among the other producers of Suffs is Kamala Harris’s niece, Meena Harris.

With all those progressive credentials, Suffs should be a sure-fire winner on Broadway, right?

In a two week period, Suffs was at 78 percent and 81 percent capacity, placing it in the bottom 25% of all 35 Broadway shows for the period, according to data from The Broadway League.

“To put the Suffs numbers in perspective, the new Broadway musical Lempicka just posted a closing notice after playing to 83 percent capacity last week,” Ng noted.

So why the empty seats?

“The economics of Broadway are brutal for new musicals that don’t come with a celebrity cast or Disney imprimatur,” Ng noted. “The vast majority of Broadway ticket buyers are tourists whose tastes in theater tend toward crowd-pleasing family fare.”

Here are four songs from the Suffs musical, you decide:

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