The 2024 election crisis: In D.C., non-citizens can vote, serve as election workers

by WorldTribune Staff, July 10, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

Who will be counting the votes on election day this November? How many gloved hands will be on each paper ballot and who will be managing the vote tabulation machines and systems? Oh, and who will actually be voting?

Many of the questions and controversial anomalies about the 2020 presidential election have yet to be either answered or investigated. However, government watchdog group Judicial Watch announced on Wednesday that it received records showing that, as of June, 583 foreign nationals are registered to vote in Washington, D.C.

The records from the Board of Elections also confirm that non-citizens can serve as election workers.

An analysis of D.C. voter registration records made available to Judicial Watch shows that on June 13 the makeup of registered voters in D.C. was:

• Total Voters: 457,302
• U.S. Citizens: 456,719
• Foreign Nationals: 583
• Democrats: 353,048
• Republican: 23,482
• No Party Affiliation: 73,760
• Other: 7,012

“The fact that over 500 foreign nationals can vote in local elections in Washington, D.C., is a national scandal and an insult to every America citizen,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “Congress can and must stop this attack on the voting rights of citizens.”

Republicans, who are outnumbered 15-to-1 in the Swamp have introduced the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act which would require all individuals who register to vote in federal elections to have proof of U.S. citizenship.

Democrats and The White House are fighting to stop the legislation from becoming law.

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Former President Donald Trump said:

Republicans must pass the Save Act, or go home and cry yourself to sleep. Non citizen Illegal Migrants are getting the right to vote, being pushed by crooked Democrat Politicians who are not being stopped by an equally dishonest Justice Department. Our whole voting system is under siege. Harmeet and David, go to court and get this stopped, NOW. The Dems can’t win on their policies, the only way they can win is to CHEAT. They do it at every level of government, and they do it well. That’s how they get an incapacitated moron like Joe Biden elected. Get tough RNC (Michael W!), Speaker Johnson, and all State and Local Republican politicians. The Justice Department is CORRUPT and won’t do a thing to help. They have no shame! All I can say is that if I’m elected President, we will pursue Election Fraudsters at levels never seen before, and they will be sent to prison for long periods of time. We already know who you are. DON’T DO IT! ZUCKERBUCKS, be careful!

In the nation’s capital, the D.C. Council in 2022 amended the District of Columbia Election Code of 1955 “to expand the definition of the term qualified elector for the purpose of local elections to include otherwise eligible non-citizen residents.” The act went into effect in 2023 and allows non-citizens to vote in local elections for positions including mayor, attorney general, city council member, State Board of Education member or Advisory Neighborhood Commission member. Non-citizens can also vote on local referendums, ballot initiatives, and recalls.

Records obtained by Judicial Watch also show that non-citizens can work at the polls if they are:

• A DC resident
• At least 16 years of age
• Attend or has graduated from a public or private secondary school or institution of higher education
• Are able to speak English

The records include a Board of Elections meeting transcript that explains that non-citizens are not required to have an ID to vote. If they do not have proof of residence when they go to register to vote or vote for the first time they can still vote by “Special Ballot.” Also, prisoners are also welcome to vote, according to a “Voting Guide for Incarcerated Residents:”

As a District of Columbia resident, you have the right to vote, even if you are incarcerated.

Even if you are in a correctional facility outside of the District of Columbia, if you are registered, you do not lose your residency status and you have the right to vote.

Once you are properly registered, you will be mailed a ballot prior to any District of Columbia election for which you are eligible.

If your ballot was mailed to your place of incarceration and you were released prior to receiving it, you can still vote at any Vote Center during Early Voting or on Election Day.

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