Rep. Jordan: Fani Willis had 7 officers escort petite whistleblower out after she fired her

by WorldTribune Staff, February 25, 2024

A whistleblower who raised the alarm over the alleged misuse of federal funds by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s office was not only fired but escorted from her workplace by a group of police officers, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan told the CPAC audience on Friday.

Rep. Jim Jordan and Fulton County DA Fani Willis

“There’s a whistleblower in her [Willis’] office who we have talked to, our committee staff,” Jordan said.

The whistleblower is Amanda Timpson, who was fired from Willis’s office in early 2022.

“The whistleblower, I think she’s like four foot 11, but Fani Willis had seven police like escorted her out when she fired this lady, because this lady raised the concern that Ms Willis was not” spending federal funds in an appropriate manner and was not following the rules of a grant, Jordan said.

“So she raised this concern and finally Willis fired her. She’s now talking with our office, and we’ll see where that goes, and that’s why we’ve subpoenaed for records and documents related to this,” Jordan said.

Audio of a conversation Timpson had with Willis revealed the former employee warning in November of 2021 of a campaign aide attempting to misuse funds.

“Once I told him about his … lack of leadership and the fact that he wanted to do things with grants that were impossible,” Timpson said of the aide. “He would take me off projects, tell people I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to because I questioned him.”

Timpson went on to tell Willis that despite her warnings, the aide said he wanted to use the grant money to “get MacBooks, … get swag, … use it for travel,” saying he “had no idea what he was doing.”

Two months after the recording date, Timpson was fired. She has subsequently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.

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