Dump voting machines movement picks up steam county-by-county nationwide

by WorldTribune Staff, April 20, 2022

For those who contend that voting machine data fraud was rampant during the 2020 election, moves by counties in several states to dump the machines is welcome news.

Prof. David Clements, who is spearheading a nationwide movement to dump machines he says are “being used to steal elections,” said he will in the next three weeks travel to North Carolina, Nebraska, and Minnesota to give “get-rid-of-your-machines presentrations through the county commission strategy.”

Prof. David Clements

“Just spent the last three days learning from experts with greater precision on how the machines are being used to steal the elections. My understanding continues to be refined thanks to amazing patriots,” Clements said in a Telegram post.

He added that “doors are flying open in New Mexico in multiple counties, with folks wanting help with audits.”

Clements ssaid that “two more victories [thanks to Jim Marchant]” came in in Nevada.

“We convinced Nye County to not buy the useless Agilis signature verification machine saving the taxpayers of Nye County $75,000. That was also a 5-0 victory.”

Also, Esmeralda County Commissioners in Nevada voted 3-0 “to eliminate the electronic voting machines and go to a anti-counterfeit paper ballot, counted on a Precinct level,” Clements said.

“Esmeralda County is getting rid of their corrupt election machines. Just like that,” he added. “Three courageous commissioners simply taking a stand for their constituents. Fix your county. Fix your country.”

Clements also cautioned “patriots” to “watch out for county clerks and secretaries of state that want to placate your efforts to audit by offering their own ‘certified’ auditors.”

There are only two “certified” companies that are able to “certify” ES&S and Dominion machines: Pro V and V and SLI Compliance, Clements noted.

“These two crooked companies have ‘certified’ the rigged machines across the country. The same machines that have caused rampant distrust across our nation. They are not independent. Any legitimate audit would necessarily require ‘We the People’ to audit the sham auditors,” Clements said.

“When I used to teach, every semester students submitted evaluations of my performance. An evaluation is nothing more than an audit,” Clements added. “This is a healthy thing. Did I agree with everything? No. But the feedback allowed me to improve my performance. I was not allowed to audit my students’ audits of me, or pick students that I knew already approved of my teaching methods to ensure I received high marks. Because to do so would make no sense and not lead to accountability.

“So, why would we let sham companies Pro V and V and SLI Compliance do the same thing?”

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