‘Domestic Enemies’: New book chronicles how George Washington fought back against American leftists

by WorldTribune Staff, July 4, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

Leftists have been trying to take over America pretty much since its founding. A new book chronicles how George Washington and his fellow Founding Fathers, after kicking the British out, fought off homegrown radical leftists.

“The Left is America’s oldest enemy,” said investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield, author of “Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers’ Fight Against the Left” (Simon & Schuster 2024).

Kicking off with President Washington’s first term and the subsequent power grabs and political turmoil that echo in today’s events, “Domestic Enemies” tells of how early America’s political class confronted challenges including stolen elections, fake news, race riots, globalism, and socialism.

Greenfield told The Washington Times in an interview published on July 4 that he began writing the book in 2020 when the Black Lives Matter riots sprang up across the country.

“People had the sense that we are at the end of history. Nothing like this had happened before. We could never cope with this,” he said. “A lot of my first chapter focuses on the fact that history was replaying itself.”

Greenfield calls it a “200-plus year war” against the Left’s takeover of America which he said dates back to when the French Revolution went in a more violent and politically wayward direction than the earlier American Revolution.

“[The Founding Fathers] see America as the alternative to the French Revolution. Increasingly, people in France have also come to see this great struggle between the American way of doing things, small government, personal independence, personal self-determination and the European radical way.”

Greenfield writes about how French emissary to the U.S., Edmond Genet attempted to pressure President Washington to reverse his position of neutrality to support the French Republic’s war with Great Britain.

According to Greenfield, during the summer of 1793, a mob in lower Manhattan was shouting, “Down with King Washington!” and singing the French national anthem. Others shouted “Vive Genet!”

Noah Webster, editor of the Federalist Party Newspaper, described it as a “whirling mob of fanatics” marching up the street where Genet had resided while lauding the French Revolution.

Greenfield writes, “Some dressed like the sans-culotte mobs ravaging Paris while others in the streets of Philadelphia had deployed mock guillotines.”

He continues, “John Adams would later write to [Thomas] Jefferson, ‘You certainly never felt the Terrorism, excited by Genet, in 1793. when ten thousand People in the Streets of Philadelphia, day after day, threatened to drag Washington out of his House, and effect a Revolution in the Government.’ ”

Greenfield says he thinks the rest of the world is not prepared to face off against the Left, but that America was built to resist it.

“That’s something we need to remember for the Fourth of July. Our Founding Fathers understood the spread [of the left]. They built the Constitution. They built our American system to resist it.”

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