‘Deep State ambush’: Attorney Lin Wood responds to Rittenhouse allegations on Tucker Carlson show

by WorldTribune Staff, November 24, 2021

Famed defamation attorney Lin Wood called into Boston talk host Jeffrey Kuhner‘s drive time show to address accusations against him made by Kyle Rittenhouse in a Tucker Carlson interview Monday night.

Rittenhouse, in his first interview since being acquitted Friday, claimed Wood and attorney John Pierce left him in jail for 87 days away from his family and took advantage of him by raising money off of him instead of setting him free.

Kyle Rittenhouse, left, and Lin Wood

“Obviously, I’m trying to get the truth out about the propaganda campaign of the Deep State to destroy me for some reason. I’m still trying to figure out why I’m so important that they want to destroy me but that’s what they’re trying to do,” Wood said.

Responding to Rittenhouse’s accusations that he disrespected Rittenhouse’s wishes and left him in jail for nearly 90 days, Wood told WRKO morning show host and WorldTribune.com columnist Kuhner that “someone has gotten to this young man. For some reason he’s not telling the truth.”

Wood noted: “Number one, I was not his criminal lawyer. I did not represent him. … John Pierce agreed to represent him, said he knew how to do it, he was an expert. I’m not a criminal lawyer. I did agree to represent Kyle in defamation cases after the criminal case was over.”

Wood said it was Pierce who decided to “leave” Rittenhouse in the juvenile facility in Illinois where Pierce thought Rittenhouse was “safe.” Wood said Pierce’s attempt to get Rittenhouse released was denied before Rittenhouse was transferred to a holding facility in Kenosha. At that time, Wood said, “there had been social media threats by Black Lives Matter to find him in jail and kill him.”

Wood added that both Carlson and Fox News host Sean Hannity have his cell number. “I was one call away,” Wood said. “This was clearly a Fox ambush hit piece on me. Who wanted to use Kyle Rittenhouse to falsely attack me?” He said he ended his long-time friendship with Sean Hannity after last year’s election, after Hannity insisted Trump had lost.

He said he had traded text messages with Tucker Carlson a year ago about hunting on his South Carolina property.

Lin Wood posted a note from President Trump on Telegram Tuesday.

Asked by Kuhner what had happened to Fox News, Wood said Fox like the other corporate media was a “Deep State operation” which had been a wolf in sheep’s clothing until election night, 2020. None of the conservatives hosts have been allowed to address evidence of widespread election and voting data fraud, he said.

Wood in recent years has been an outspoken Christian and in the past year has called daily for forensic audits in all 50 states with admonitions like “Fix 2020 or Bust!!!”.

(Listen to the full Wood interview on Kuhner’s program here.)

In a later Telegram post, Wood noted that he was not “contacted by Fox or Tucker Carlson to be informed of the accusations and afforded an opportunity to respond.”

Rittenhouse told Carlson that Wood “held me in jail for 87 days, disrespected my wishes, put me on media interviews, which I should never have done.”

Rittenhouse said Wood had him talk to The Washington Post, which he didn’t think was a good idea.

Rittenhouse told Carlson that Wood and Pierce said he was “safer in jail instead of at home” with his family.

“87 days of not being with my family for defending myself and being taking advantage to, being used for a cause by John Pierce and Lin Wood trying to raise money so they can take it for their own benefit, not trying to set me free,” Rittenhouse said.

Wood’s Telegram post:

Questions raised by the Deep State Fox interview of Kyle Rittenhouse by Tucker Carlson:

1. When was the interview arranged?

2. Who arranged the interview?

3. When was the interview conducted? Kyle’s verdict was rendered around Noon on Friday. With clips of the interview shown, Fox and Tucker were promoting the interview on Friday evening. That sure was a fast turn around!!!

4. How did Kyle go in a few short hours from being the emotional young man exonerated on murder charges to appearing to be a composed, scripted young man in the Tucker Carlson interview?

5. After this national and personal ordeal, why did Tucker focus on me??? Weren’t there more important issues to discuss publicly?

6. I was NEVER contacted by Fox or Tucker Carlson to be informed of the accusations and afforded an opportunity to respond. Why not??? Tucker Carlson (and Sean Hannity) have my cell number. I was one call away. This was clearly a Fox ambush hit piece on me. Who wanted to use Kyle Rittenhouse to falsely attack me?

6. Why did Fox totally ignore the background of David Hancock (a/k/a Fraudcock), the disgraced former Navy SEAL, in discussing Kyle? I spoke to Kyle one time briefly over a year ago. Fraudcock has been in total control of Kyle and his mother for almost one year. The public record raises very serious questions about the honesty and agenda of Fraudcock.

7. Why did Tucker strongly suggest that I was one of Kyle’s criminal lawyers? I was not. John Pierce was calling the shots for Kyle during the time period in question along with Mark Richards. I was not. I was just trying to help Kyle through #FightBack. I had agreed to help him in defamation matters after the criminal case. Why did John Pierce terminate that relationship almost immediately after #FightBack posted the bail monies.

There are MANY more serious questions to be explored with respect to this Deep State ambush hit piece.

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers said in a Telegram post:

“Who told Kyle (whom I like and support) to say that about Lin Wood? Then the pile on afterwards. Any Communist operatives in his inner circle or advising him? Sounds like a #DeepState ambush to me. Something very fishy going on.”

Mike Lindell posted: “I want to thank Lin Wood for all of his efforts and for reaching out to me and others to bail out Kyle Rittenhouse.”

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