CNN’s Oliver Darcy tries to cancel Tucker Carlson’s nationwide tour

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 18, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

One of the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is TCF … Tucker Carlson Fever.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy has a bad case of TCF.

Oliver Darcy

After Carlson’s announcement of his upcoming speaking tour, Darcy vowed to shut it down.

Tickets for Carlson’s 15-city tour went on sale June 14 through Ticketmaster.

So Darcy went after Ticketmaster.

“Tucker Carlson is going on tour. Ticketmaster is profiting off his hateful rhetoric,” reads Darcy’s headline.

“Asked for comment this week, representatives for the Live Nation (Ticketmaster merged with concert venue operator Live Nation in 2010) subsidiary chose not to respond. In fairness to the company’s public relations division, it is difficult to see how they can defend such conduct. How can any decent person not only participate in enabling Carlson’s poisoning of the public discourse but also justify profiting off of his hateful rhetoric in the process?” Darcy wrote.

Then he went after the venues that will host the Carlson tour.

“CNN also posed questions to the venues hosting Carlson, which include the Honda Center, T-Mobile Center, Delta Center, Dickies Arena, Intrust Bank Arena and others. Spokespeople representing each respective venue did not provide a comment,” Darcy wrote.

In an op-ed for The Daily Caller, Gage Klipper noted: “Let me translate this for you — from media snake language to English. Darcy reached out to Ticketmaster and the associated venues for ‘comment,’ feigning journalistic objectivity; ‘we’re simply wondering why you would choose to associate with such a horrible person?’ This was meant to terrorize Ticketmaster and the venues with the threat of bad coverage and make them second guess their partnership with Tucker. Of course, Darcy’s entire goal was to use CNN’s pulpit to have Tucker silenced, censored and blacklisted in the run up to the 2024 election.”

Spotify rankings have Tucker Carlson as the second most popular podcast in America, with millions of views per episode. If Darcy gets that in a year he would be ecstatic. Hence the TCF.

Klipper concluded: “This type of censorship push stopped working a few years ago, as Americans — and even major companies — have wised up to left-wing authoritarian tactics. Terms like ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted,’ ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘disinformation’ have been used so often that they no longer mean anything at all. Americans may have been bullied into submission at the height of BLM riots, but now they know these are just a cudgel for the Left to get its way.

“It seems that Darcy’s the only one who hasn’t gotten the memo.”

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