CNN can’t take pre-debate heat from Trump spokeswoman

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 24, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

There’s already a heat dome over CNN headquarters and the first presidential debate is still three days away. Are we having fun yet?

On Monday morning, CNN personality Kasie Hunt spiked the needle on the old rage meter when she cut off an interview with Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt after Leavitt stated the fact that one of the moderators in Thursday’s debate, Jake Tapper, has compared Trump to Adolf Hitler.

CNN personality Kasie Hunt, left, and Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt / Video Image

Leavitt noted the debate stage would likely be a “hostile environment” for Trump and pointed to debate moderators Tapper and Dana Bash for their biased coverage of him in the past.

“That’s why President Trump is knowingly going into a hostile environment on this very network on CNN with debate moderators who have made their opinions about him very well known over the past eight years in their biased coverage of him,” Leavitt said.

Hunt blew gasket number one at that point, saying her colleagues were “professionals” before playing a slew of prepared clips showing the former president’s past comments about what he’s expecting to face from moderators.

After showing a clip of Trump calling Biden a “worthy debater,” Hunt asked Leavitt what she expects from Biden.

“Well, first of all, it takes someone five minutes to google ‘Jake Tapper, Donald Trump’ to see that Jake Tapper has —” Leavitt began.

Hunt barked: “Ma’am, we’re gonna stop this interview if you’re gonna keep attacking my colleagues.”

Leavitt continued: “—consistently likened President Trump to Adolf Hitler.”

“Ma’am, I’m gonna stop this interview if you continue to attack my colleagues,” Hunt repeated. “I would like to talk about Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who you work for. And if you speak on his behalf, I’m willing to have this conversation.”

Leavitt responded: “I am stating facts that your colleagues have stated in the past. Now as for this debate — .”

Hunt then ended the interview, sparking an online debate as to whether she made the call or voices the rest of us could not hear. Unaware, Leavitt continued with her well-documented recitation of CNN partisanship. Significantly, she was enjoying herself while Leavitt was under stress.

“CNN cutting off my microphone for bringing up a debate moderator’s history of anti-Trump lies just proves our point that President Trump will not be treated fairly in Thursday’s debate,” Leavitt told the New York Post. “Yet President Trump is still willing to go into this 3-1 fight to bring his winning message to the American people, and he will win.”

Tapper brought up Hitler during a Dec. 19 segment when he criticized Trump’s warning that illegal immigrants were “poisoning the blood of our country.”

“South America, Africa, Asia. No mention of Europe in Mr. Trump’s list. And he uses the term poisoning the blood of our country. Poisoning the blood of our country. If you were to open up a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, you would find the Nazi leader describing the mixing of non-Germans with Germans as poisoning. The Jew, Hitler wrote, quote, ‘poisons the blood of others,’” Tapper said.

As for Bash, she was once married to Jeremy Bash, one of the 51 former intelligence officials who signed the letter which falsely claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.

The debate will be held for 90 minutes in Atlanta on Thursday with Trump set to get the final word … if CNN doesn’t cut him off mid-sentence.

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