Biden Part III: Joe’s ‘Bad Girls’

FPI / August 20, 2020

Commentary by Paul Crespo

(Part 3 in a series on Joe Biden’s family history which includes drugs, crime and corruption.)

Joe Biden’s family troubles are not limited to his train wreck of a son, Hunter. The girls in his family are also quite a headache for the former VP. And like all other wayward Biden incidents, including Joe himself, there has been little if any known accountability for their actions.

Ashley Biden, left, and Caroline Biden

As the New York Post notes, Joe’s daughter Ashley Biden’s past “is full of weed and wild parties.”

Add to that Joe’s niece, Caroline Biden, who was convicted of grand larceny for $110,000 in credit card fraud and arrested separately for assaulting a police officer — and Biden’s “Bad Girls” round out Joe Biden’s highly dysfunctional family.

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In 2009, according to the New York Post, a man offered to sell the Post — and other media outlets — a videotape that he claimed was of Biden’s daughter Ashley made during a Delaware house party. In a 90-second clip from the video that the Post viewed,

…a young woman strongly resembling Ashley Biden is seen taking a red straw from her mouth, bending over a desk, inserting the straw into her nostril and snorting lines of white powder. The camera follows the woman from a few feet away, focusing on her as she moves about the room.

Unsurprisingly, the media didn’t do much follow up on Ashley’s cocaine snorting story, and the story faded. However, Ashley’s drug-fueled brushes with the law went back a decade prior when she had been arrested for marijuana possession while in college at Tulane University in Louisiana. Also, unsurprisingly, no conviction for Ashley Biden was recorded in that case either.

The New York Post quoted a Tulane classmate, who said he bailed Ashley out of jail after her 1999 marijuana arrest in New Orleans: “Everybody at Tulane knew that she was a party girl,” Berman said. “She wore some pretty short shorts — a lot.”

Biden’s daughter had a second misdemeanor arrest in 2002, reported the New York Post, after “she allegedly attempted to obstruct a police officer — making ‘intimidating statements’ — after a bottle-throwing brawl outside a Chicago bar. Those charges also were dropped.”

Then there’s Joe’s even more erratic niece, Caroline Biden. In addition to ultimately receiving a lesser conviction of petty larceny for her 2017 $110,000 credit card fraud charges, Caroline had previously been charged with resisting arrest, obstruction of government administration, and harassment in NYC in 2013.

For that incident “she was booked for allegedly hitting an NYPD officer during a full scale meltdown at her Tribeca apartment, following a dispute with a roommate over unpaid rent. The case was dismissed after Caroline agreed to anger management treatment.

That case was dismissed, but her saga continued. In 2019 Caroline was charged with DUI and driving without a license in Pennsylvania. That case is still pending but “it’s unlikely Caroline will face much in the way of consequences — if history and Biden family rap sheets are any guide.”

As the New York Post noted:

Her arrest, which was never made public, was at least the ninth among Joe Biden’s close family, and followed incidents involving his brother Frank, his son Hunter and his daughter Ashley. The cases — ranging from felony theft to drug possession — were all either thrown out, or resulted in light sentences with no jail time, according to a Post review of public records and published reports.

While not one of Joe Biden’s “Bad Girls,” his brother Frank Biden has also had his share of scrapes with the law and only compounds the travails of Biden’s troubled family. As The Post reported, Frank has a conviction for DUI in Florida in 2003, where he served six months’ probation, along with a separate charge for petty theft in Florida that same year. Those charges were dropped.

In 2004 Frank was arrested for driving with a suspended license in Florida and received three months in rehab.

While there is no evidence that Joe Biden ever made any calls on behalf of his criminally wayward family members, he would never have had to. Everyone knows Joe Biden. Criminal defense attorney Robert Barnes told The Post that the gentle treatment Biden’s family members received was “very unusual treatment when looking at the … treatment over time, geography, and kind of crime involved.”

When it comes to his family breaking the law and avoiding consequences, as Mel Brooks in History of the World, Part One would say — “It’s good to be the King.”

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