UN warns of looming Israel-Arab ‘catastrophe’

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As Palestinians continued their bloody spate of knife attacks on Jews, the United Nations on Oct. 28 warned the violence was headed toward “catastrophe.”

Two more stabbings by Palestinians were reported on Oct. 28. An Israeli woman was stabbed and wounded in an attack in Gush Etzion, while a Palestinian in Hevron attempted a knife attack on an Israeli soldier before being shot dead.

A masked Palestinian protester holds a knife during a protest near the Israeli border fence in northeast Gaza October 9, 2015. /Reuters/Mohammed Salem
A masked Palestinian holds a knife during a protest near the Israeli border fence in northeast Gaza on Oct. 9. /Reuters/Mohammed Salem

Speaking at a rally in Jerusalem on Oct. 24, a Palestinian cleric called for the Muslim Caliphate to return and “annihilate” Jews.

“Allah willing, the Caliphate will be the one to liberate Jerusalem very soon, after annihilating the rulers of the wicked [Arab] mini-states,… and it will annihilate the Jewish entity,” Ali Abu Ahmad said, accusing the Jews of “storming the place of the Prophet’s nocturnal journey and defiling it.”

Footage of the rally was translated by the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“The violence between Palestinians and the Israelis will draw us ever closer to a catastrophe if not stopped immediately,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said during a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas on Oct. 28 said that calls from world leaders to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks were “a waste of time,” and his Fatah faction called for more attacks on Jews.

Ahmad also accused the United States, Europe, Russia, and even some Muslim states of “killing Muslims everywhere” and that the “armies of the Islamic nations are our guns” against them.

“But soon, Allah willing, very soon we shall regain those guns — and we shall turn them against the enemies of the Islamic nation: the Jews, the Americans, and the Russians.”

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