Israel trains special forces for rapid response to vehicle hijackings

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has launched training to stop bus hijackings. Officials said the Army was instructing infantry troops to rapidly respond to hijackings of buses and trucks. They said the training was formulated in wake of Palestinian attacks on motorists near the southern Israeli city of Eilat in August. “We […]

Israel plans security fence, this time on Jordan border

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel plans to erect another security fence — this time along the border with Jordan. Officials said the Defense Ministry has launched plans to establish a barrier along a 100-kilometer stretch of the Israeli-Jordanian border. They said the security barrier, estimated at about $170 million, would be required to […]

Israeli military steps up training to prevent abductions

Israeli military steps up training to prevent abductions

Special to TEL AVIV — The Israeli military has begun training to prevent the abduction of soldiers. Officials said the Military Police has drafted measures that would be introduced in training soldiers from all three services. They said soldiers would be instructed on how to prevent abductions by such groups as Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic […]

Israel sees threat to airliners from smuggled Libyan SAMs

Israel sees threat to airliners from smuggled Libyan SAMs

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel’s intelligence community has warned that shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles may have reached the West Bank. Security sources said several intelligence agencies have assessed that man-portable air defense systems could have been smuggled from Libya through Egypt and to the West Bank. They said the Hamas regime has absorbed scores […]

Report: Economic crisis has ruled out war and in favor of a nuclear Iran

Special to TEL AVIV — The international community has been deterred from an attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, a report said. A report by a leading Israeli investment company concluded that an attack on Iran by either Israel or the United States was not feasible. Clal Finance, in a report titled “The Iranian Issue […]

Egypt claims it stopped Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip

Special to RAMALLAH — Egypt has reported success in its effort to stop Israel’s plan to invade the Gaza Strip. Egypt’s ambassador to the Palestinian Authority said the military regime in Cairo blocked a major Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip earlier this month. Egyptian ambassador Yasser Othman said his government warned Israel not […]

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