Sudan’s Bashir orders China-backed forces to put down Darfour rebellion

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CAIRO — Sudan has announced the launch of a counter-insurgency campaign.

Officials said President Omar Bashir has ordered a CI campaign to destroy the rebellion in the Darfour province.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir attends an African Union summit on health in Abuja, Nigeria, on Monday, July 15, 2013. (photo credit:  /AP/Sunday Aghaeze
Sudanese President Omar Bashir.  /AP/Sunday Aghaeze

The officials said the Sudanese Army and security forces were organizing thousands of troops in an effort to drive out the rebels by 2014.

“The eradication of the rebellion would remove this disease,” Sudanese Interior Minister Ibrahim Hamid said.

In an address to the ruling National Congress Party on Nov. 11, Hamid said authorities were urging Darfour residents to help the Army identify and target the insurgents.

The minister said the Chinese-backed Army was searching for those responsible for the death of 21 soldiers in South Darfour.

Officials said the Sudanese campaign, launched amid severe criticism of
Bashir, would also target the provinces along the border with the new
republic of South Sudan. They cited Blue Nile and South Kordofan, said to
contain rebel militias linked to Juba.

In November, the Bashir regime sent a large infantry force backed by
main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers to Darfour. Defense
Minister Abdul Rahim Hussein said operations would soon begin against the

“We are working to develop and modernize the Army to block conspiracies
and plots,” Hussein said.

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