Russian SS-26 missile in Syria seen shifting Mideast balance of power

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TEL AVIV — Israel regards a new Russian missile exported to Syria as a weapon that could change the balance of power between the Jewish state and its Arab neighbors.

The Russian Iskander-E theater missile system.

A report by Haim Rosenberg, a former Israeli defense official, said the Iskander-E rocket, known in the West as SS-26, would mark a significant improvement of most Middle East militaries. Rosenberg asserted that Iskander, operational since 2006, contains what he termed “almost pinpoint precision.”

“The Russian SS-26 is an innovative ballistic missile that represents a dramatic change of capacity for such weapons,” he wrote in a report, “Missile Warfare: A Realistic Assessment.”

“It is capable of homing and maneuvering even during the final stage of its flight path.”

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