Palestinian Authority tries gun control in West Bank

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RAMALLAH — The Palestinian Authority has reported a crackdown on
illegal weapons in the West Bank.

Officials said PA security forces have been ordered to search for
unlicensed weapons.

Uzi rifle confiscated by security forces near Nablus.

The officials said Palestinians were warned to license their
firearms or face prison or fines.

“The firearms must be registered again for a one-year period,” PA
security spokesman Brig. Gen. Adnan Dumeiri said.

Dumeiri, in a television interview on June 16, provided few details of
the PA campaign. The spokesman acknowledged that previous crackdowns on illegal weapons were ineffective.

Officials said the PA has estimated that tens of thousands of unlicensed firearms were being held in the West Bank. They said some of the weapons were stolen from PA weapons arsenals.

In May 2012, the PA arrested more than 70 people in Jenin and Nablus linked to gun-running and corruption within the security forces. Officials said several of the detainees were PA officers alleged to have been selling
weapons and helping criminal gangs.

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