Morocco petitions Google to remove Polisario Front from map

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A petition recently launched in Morocco calls on Google to correct its map of the kingdom by removing the so-called “Polisario Front.”

mormapThe current Google map shows Morocco divided by a line that separates the kingdom from the Sahara.

Moroccans say the southern part of the country, named Western Sahara on the map, should be corrected and the dividing line removed.

Activists who launched the petition say that Google’s recognition of the Polisario separatist movement shows bias against Morocco’s territorial integrity.

A letter from the petitioners says there is no such thing as “Western Sahara,” only “Moroccan Sahara” and that “there is no authority other than the Moroccan government who governs its southern provinces.”

“Google is not a political organization to represent political points of view on world maps; it is rather a search tool to reflect geographical realities of sovereign countries,” the letter said.

While Moroccans are waiting for an official correction from Google and Facebook, Software Centre Company, the founder of, has developed a new map with what are seen as the actual boundaries, including the Sahara.

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