Hamas frogmen capture dolphin alleged to be Israeli spy

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Hamas naval commandos detained a “suspicious” dolphin that was accused of being used by Israel to attack members of the Eziddin al-Qassam, Hamas’s armed wing.

Dolphin, or Israeli operative?
Dolphin, or secret agent?

Sources told the daily Al-Quds on Aug. 19 that the alleged Israeli attack dolphin was captured off the shores of the Gaza Strip and that it was carrying a device to monitor underwater activities.

The sources claimed that Hamas “frogmen” managed to seize the dolphin and take it to the shore. They also claimed the device the dolphin was wearing was equipped to fire small arrows capable of killing a person.

Hamas suspected that Israel planted the dolphin as a way to monitor Hamas’s naval commandos during sea training exercises.

The report said Hamas experts were continuing to check whether the dolphin spy suspect was carrying other electronic devices.

Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip refused to comment on the newspaper report.

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