Former Palestinian official advocates nuclear attack on Israel

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NICOSIA — The Palestinian long deemed Israel’s chief security
partner has called for the use of nuclear weapons against the Jewish state.

Former Palestinian Authority security chief Jibril Rajoub said the Arab
League must help the Palestinians fight Israel, particularly the capture of

Rajoub said he supported nuclear attacks on Israel.

Jibril Rajoub.
Jibril Rajoub.

“Until now, we don’t have nuclear weapons,” Rajoub said. “Believe me, if
we had nuclear weapons we would use them tomorrow morning.”

In an interview on Lebanese television on May 1, Rajoub said he
supported “resistance in all of its forms” against Israel. He said the
current PA strategy called for “popular resistance.”

“At this stage, we believe that popular resistance — with all that it
entails — is effective and costly to the other side.” Rajoub said.

Remarks from Rajoub’s one-hour interview with Lebanon’s Al Mayadeen
channel were provided by the Jerusalem-based Palestinian Media Watch. PMW has testified in the U.S. Congress on anti-Israeli and -Jewish statements by leading Palestinians.

Rajoub has been deemed a leading member of the ruling Fatah movement.
Currently head of the Palestinian Olympic Committee, Rajoub established the
PA’s Preventive Security Apparatus, a security and intelligence agency said
to have maintained close cooperation with Israel.

Over the last year, however, Rajoub openly called for conflict with
Israel and an alliance with Iran. In the latest interview, the
brigadier-general, who spent 17 years in an Israeli prison, branded the
Jewish state as “the main enemy of Arabs and Muslims.”

“If [Arab] mobilization would begin for the liberation of Jerusalem,”
Rajoub said, “if money [would be spent] and swords drawn in the face of the
Zionist enemy — that would be great.”

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