Fatah calls on Palestinians to attack Israeli soldiers and civilians

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RAMALLAH — The ruling Fatah movement, weeks after it formed a Palestinian Authority government with Hamas, has called for a revolt against Israel.

Fatah has been issuing statements that called on Palestinians to attack Israeli soldiers and civilians in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Fatah deputy minister Ziyad Abu Ein
Palestinian Authority deputy minister Ziyad Abu Ein

The calls have been echoed by senior members of the PA, including deputy minister
Ziyad Abu Ein.

“There is nothing sacred of the occupation, its settlers and their
security,” Abu Ein, responsible for prisoner affairs, said on July 2.

The warnings of attacks came in wake of the abduction and killing of an
Arab teenager in Jerusalem on July 2.

Fatah has attributed the killing to Israelis who sought to avenge the abduction and execution of three Jewish teenagers on June 12.

The threats by Fatah included statements by members of the leadership
Central Committee and Revolutionary Council. The statements have been
accompanied by photographs of clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinians.

“Rise up, rebels of Jerusalem, rise up for the soul of Mohammed [Abu
Khdeir] and all martyrs of Palestine,” Fatah Central Committee member
Mohammed Al Aloul, referring to the abducted Palestinian, said. “We warn the
settlers and the occupation state not to continue their transgressions. Our
response will be severe — an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

Many of the Fatah statements appeared on Facebook. One statement that
warned of attacks came from a group called United National-Islamic
Leadership in Jerusalem.

“This is the first proclamation published by this body, and it is
unclear whether such a leadership even exists,” Palestinian Media Watch, an
Israeli monitoring group, said.

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