Clinton warns Palestinian state could be replaced by ISIL

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Hillary Clinton said “only a two-state solution” will work for Palestinians and warned that Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) would move in to fill the void if the Palestinian Authority falls.

“The alternative to (Mahmoud) Abbas could be the black flag of the Islamic State,” Clinton said on Dec. 6 at the Saban Forum in Washington.

Hillary Clinton speaks at Saban Forum on Dec. 6. /AP
Hillary Clinton speaks at the Saban Forum in Washngton on Dec. 6. /AP

“Inaction is not an option and a one-state solution is no solution, it is a prescription for endless conflict,” Clinton said. “Only a two-state solution can provide Palestinians independence, sovereignty and dignity and provide Israelis the secure and recognized borders of a democratic Jewish state.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his address to the Saban Forum on Dec. 5, that “the only workable solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, “is not a unitary state, but a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state.

“The root cause of the conflict with the Palestinians is their refusal to recognize the Jewish state,” and that while “settlements and territory are an issue to be resolved… they are not the core of the conflict.”

Referencing the spate of recent stabbing attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, Clinton said “Palestinian Authority leaders should condemn and stop incitement in all its forms.”

The former secretary of state also commented that Iran’s “fingerprints are on virtually every conflict across the Middle East,” and the U.S. should be ready to “snap back sanctions” in response to any provocation from Teheran.

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