Roadside bombs? U.S. soldier sees death 'out of the East in slow motion'

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By Lev Navrozov

Lev Navrozov emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1972 He settled in New York City where he quickly learned that there was no market for his eloquent and powerful English language attacks on the Soviet Union. To this day, he writes without fear or favor or the conventions of polite society. He chaired the "Alternative to the New York Times Committee" in 1980, challenged the editors of the New York Times to a debate (which they declined) and became a columnist for the New York City Tribune. His columns are today read in both English and Russian.
Lev Navrozov

November 7, 2005

I will not quote my readers' short e-mails expressing just their agreement with me.

But here are the first two paragraphs of the e-mail I received on Oct. 21 from an American who has been working in China for 5 years and whose name I will not divulge for obvious reasons.

    Dear Mr. Navrozov,
    I've found your articles on China most enlightening. I've been working in Red China for the past five years. I find their politics, mind manipulation and corruption disgusting. I speak mandarin [refined Chinese] and have ample opportunity to discuss these matters with common people. I also know without question that respect for life over here is close to non-existent. I've seen accident victims lying dead on the road treated with less respect than a cat run down back in the States. Mao said it well. China has a lot of people. They could lose tens of millions without the slightest glitch. (Look at the Mao-induced famines in the late 50's and 60's).
    I have no doubt that your assessment is correct. China feels it owns the position of the world's superpower. People feel it's not a question of whether or not, it's a question of when. No nation on earth threatens them. Their military buildup has only one possible use.

What is it? We have to borrow the phrase once applied to Nazi Germany and then to Soviet Russia: world domination. Of course, the dictators of these countries never applied this phrase to themselves. The Communists envisaged global Communism. But no one will "dominate." All nations will compose a "union" like "Soviet Union" or a "people's republic" like "People's Republic of China." When I was a child we sang this song:

    The two worlds will fight to the death
    In the last war on our earth:
    The World Soviet Union will thus emerge,
    This is what we claim and pledge!
Then the American in China says in his e-mail:

    I guess my hope is that even though people are unwilling to discuss it, isn't it possible that the USA is far ahead of anyone in the field of nanotech? The USA is the home of the best minds, best schools and best research centers in the world. There are also countless dollars spent on black ops [operations financed illegitimately]. Do you know the true status of American progress on nano weapons?
    Keep up the good work!
Yes, I know the true status of American progress in molecular nano weapons. It is zero. Indeed, China has been the best friend of the West. So what are such weapons for? To fight Iraq?

In his book of 1986, subtitled "The Coming Era of Nanotechnology," Eric Drexler, the founder of nanotechnology, devoted to molecular nano weapons Chapter 11, "Engines of Destruction" (pp. 171-190). He co-founded The Foresight Nanotech Institute. But what is the progress? He is not the head of the Institute today. Why?

The U.S. Congress would not allocate a cent to the founder of nanotechnology and his Institute because he propounded that molecular nanoweapons can be developed just as nuclear weapons could be developed from 1938 to 1945 by Nazi Germany and the United States. Without allocations, members of the Institute could not live and work. As for "black ops," these are fantasies. So, either his associates told Drexler to step down or he himself suggested his stepping down in the hope that the U.S. Congress would forgive and forget the erstwhile "militarism" of the Foresight Nanotech Institute and would allocate some money to it on general nanotechnology minus molecular nano weapons.

If Hitler had not launched in 1939 a conventional war, but had concentrated on the (secret) development of nuclear weapons, the U.S. government would not allocated a cent on the development of nuclear weapons, and the progress in this development in the United States would have been zero.

But apart from launching a conventional war in 1939, Hitler declared war on the United States in 1941. Imagine that Jiang Zemin has launched a conventional war and declared war on the United States. Then Eric Drexler would have been invited by the U.S. government and/or or the U.S. Congress and asked, after smiles and compliments: "Dr. Drexler, how much money does your Institute need to develop molecular nano weapons ahead of Zemin? We also hope that you will become again the head of the Institute you have founded."

As it is, I told Drexler publicly at a nanotech conference: "You, an American, are known better and studied more in China that in your own country!"

Is the U.S.A. "the home of the best minds, best schools, and best research centers in the world"? But first, Government-Congressional allocations are needed! Second, the best minds in the Manhattan Project of development of nuclear weapons were those of Jewish emigres from Europe, including Germany, and the letter to Roosevelt about the need to forestall Germany in the development of nuclear weapons was written in 1939 by the émigré Einstein, not by any native American scientist.

Only German, not American, culture could create Einstein and a constellation of other nuclear scientists of genius, just as only American culture could create Edison. The culture of China lasted for four or five millennia. At one time it was ahead of the West scientifically and technologically . It may create scientists and technologists whom the West will not. But its military development also parasitizes on Western and Japanese science and technology, including individuals of genius, corporations, products, and information. Drexler's book of 1986 and all his other books and articles have been posted on the Internet in China in English and Chinese, while in the United States his name has rarely been mentioned even in connection with "commercial" (not military) nanotechnology, while molecular military nanotechnology he described in 1986 as "engines of destruction" have been passed in silence as something indecent-like vile pornography.

On Oct. 25, I received an e-mail from Bill Muldoon in Clearwater, "Fla. area." He says that he is a conservative and has been "keenly interested" in my "commentary on nano superweapons and the dictators of China." He writes: "I tend to agree with all of your assertions."

However, Bill Muldoon read an interview with me on "" in which I call the war in Iraq the "Iraqi Stunt," diverting "public attention from the development of post-nuclear superweapons in China."

    It (the comment) concerns me as I am fully behind the Iraq war. . . . Do you have any verifiable data to further illuminate me on this subject or are you expressing an opinion? I do otherwise greatly admire your work and believe you are right as to the West being fast asleep.
    Bill Muldoon

Let us suppose that instead of developing nuclear weapons to obtain them before Hitler's Germany would, the United States invaded Hungary in order to overthrow Nicholas Horthy and thus begin to establish "democracy and freedom" all over the world (including Hitler's Germany?). To complete the analogy, let us suppose that the United States was bogged in Hungary owing to guerrilla resistance. Meanwhile, Hitler's Germany would have developed nuclear weapons, and the United States would have surrendered unconditionally as did Japan when the United States used nuclear weapons against the country (which had attacked the United States by conventional weapons at Pearl Harbor).

Now, Bill Muldoon might have said that he was fully behind the war in Hungary, and surely it does not divert public attention from the development of nuclear weapons in Nazi Germany?

It is not a matter of "verifiable data," but of common sense and of historical experience that when the political establishment of a country did not know how (and/or did not want) to cope with a giant powerful enemy, a "small brilliantly victorious war" would be launched to "reassure the masses." This is one of the reasons for the war in Iraq. True, the small brilliantly victorious war in Iraq still lasts and no one knows for how long it will continue. But this is something that the Pentagon and the rest of the U.S. political establishment did not foresee.

Supporting my view of the China threat and the Iraq war is an American soldier in Iraq who sent me his e-mail from Iraq (on the same day, Oct. 25). I will not disclose his name since many Americans believe that American soldiers should die as they did in the British Empire: "Ours is not to ask why, ours is to do or die."

Incidentally, they died in Iraq as well, in the first half of the 20th century. Why? What for? What is the result? Where is the British Empire?

The e-mail of the U.S. soldier in Iraq describes its "Subject" as "A soldier's view from Iraq" and begins:

    Mr. Navrozov, I read some weeks ago your description of our efforts in Iraq as "A circus clowns' tiny escapade. . . ." I agree in every way with this description. Though we may win here (through no genius of the failed chessmen in the Pentagon) it is not relevant in any way to our survival.

The e-mail is informative, brilliant, enlightened and enlightening. But it occupies more than a full page, and I cannot quote all of it. Still, here is a big lump:

    All of our industries are being sold out lock stock and barrel to the Dragon in the East right in front of our eyes. When one mentions this to the checked-pants, country club Republicans who are supposed to be standing for the future of America they say, "God bless China! Don't you know here is a market of 1.3 billion people there?" They do not realize that if there is a profit to be made in the fable market of 1.3 billion, it will be the owners of China that make it. They are currently content with the Western businessmen to pour in hard currency investments and to train their slave workers. When the time is right they will send a polite representative and inform the greedy Western businessmen that all they own is now the property of the owners of China.
    This continuing farce in the Middle East is distracting us from the growing danger, and the best case is that we will end up in a race to the death for these weapons systems if we wake up in time. More likely we will suffer a blow from the assassin's mace, and we will not even have a place in the history books as our masters will be meticulous in writing those.
    Though I am of a lowly profession (a soldier) I am an educated young man. I took seriously my studies of Political Science, History and Economics. I am leaving the military service as soon as possible since I can do no good for my civilization here.
    After this, time is my enemy. One possible way to help would be to build my fortune, and turn it to the production of weaponized nano. This will do no good, as even a few billion dollars will not suffice and my own government would be against me. Even if it would do any good, it would take me thirty years and luck on my side to do it. We do not have that much time.
    It is too late for me to study the basic sciences necessary to try and develop anything or do serious work in any of the fields of post-nuclear super weapons. If I had comprehended the seriousness of this business when I was say, twelve years old I could have dedicated my life to creating a weapon powerful enough to help us. But this is fantasy.
    I am nothing but a soldier with a gun in my hand and the only difference between me and the unknowing masses is that I see my death moving towards me out of the East in slow motion.

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