Zogby poll: Voters trust Trump more than Dems to grow economy, keep nation safe

by WorldTribune Staff, August 16, 2018

American voters place more trust in President Donald Trump in moving the economy forward and keeping the country safe, a new poll shows.

President Donald Trump ‘might be hard to beat in 2020,’ the Zogby poll said. / AP

According to the latest Zogby Analytics poll, 45 percent of respondents say they trust Trump more to “grow the U.S. economy” while 34 percent say the trust Democrats more.

When it comes to keeping America safe, 45 percent trust the president more compared to 38 percent for Democrats.

Trump’s approval numbers show steady gains while the Democrats’ numbers have remained flat, the survey said.

Zogby Analytics polling said the numbers bode well for Trump’s re-election chances. “If Trump can show that under his tenure there is peace and prosperity, he might be hard to beat in 2020 and Republicans might be able to offset some loses and retain the House and Senate in the 2018 midterms.”

With midterm elections approaching, the Zogby poll also found that Republicans are closing the gap in the fight to decide who controls Congress.

While Democrats have held steady at 40 percent support since May, Republicans have increased from 33 percent to 37 percent, the poll found.

“Where Republicans are gaining serious ground is with independents (Republicans lead Democrats 24 percent to 22 percent), and union voters (Republicans lead Democrats 38 percent to 37 percent). Republicans are also doing well with small city voters (Republicans and Democrats are tied at 36 percent), suburban voters, (Republicans lead Democrats 42 percent to 36 percent), NASCAR fans (Republicans lead Democrats 45 percent to 33 percent), and weekly Walmart shoppers (Republicans lead Democrats 42 percent to 39 percent),” said the survey.

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