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Wednesday, February 16, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

U.S. report: Jordan providing a major boost
to U.S. efforts in Iraq

WASHINGTON — Jordan has been deemed a major facilitator of U.S. military projects in neighboring Iraq.


A report by the Congressional Research Service outlined Jordan's help to the U.S. military in Iraq. CRS, in a report titled "Jordan: Background and U.S. Relations," asserted that the Hashemite kingdom was training tens of thousands of Iraqi police and security forces in a program financed by Washington.

"In Iraq, Jordan helped train 50,000 policemen, helped the United States reach out to Sunni tribes and politicians in order to facilitate reconciliation, and still maintains a field hospital in Fallujah," the report, authored by analyst Jeremy Sharp, said.

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The report, dated Feb. 2, said Jordan has also been training Iraqi military personnel in a range of skills. The Jordanian training has also been funded by the U.S. government and conducted in installations in the kingdom built with American aid.

One such facility was the King Abdullah II Center for Special Operations Training, located on the outskirts of Amman. The center has served as a regional headquarters for counter-insurgency training.

The Jordanian presence in Iraq has included the New Iraqi Army Training Project. The report did not forecast the future of Jordanian support in Iraq once the U.S. military leaves the country in late 2011.

Jordan has also helped significantly in international peacekeeping operations, deemed the largest contributor of police forces to the United Nations. The report said more than 300 Jordanian military personnel study in the United States each year.

"Combined training exercises by U.S. and Jordanian military units continue to take place in Jordan — dubbed 'Early Victor' — at least on an annual basis and sometimes more often," the report said.

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