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Tuesday, March 29, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Turkey sends navy to enforce Libyan blockade, will control Benghazi airport

ANKARA — Turkey, once the biggest opponent of the NATO mission, has agreed to a major role in maintaining the no-fly zone over Libya.


Officials said Turkey has contributed a range of military personnel and assets for NATO's no-fly zone over Libya. They said Turkey would assist both air and sea missions around the North African state.

"We will also take part in monitoring the air space and deploy Turkish naval forces on the corridor between Crete and Benghazi," Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan said.

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In a briefing on March 28, Erdogan provided details of Turkey's contribution to the Libyan mission. The prime minister, just a week ago the strongest opponent of military intervention, said Turkey, with the second largest army in NATO, would take control of an airport in Benghazi to organize what he termed humanitarian assistance.

"We have never been and will never be a country that will fire on and bomb the opposing sides in Libya," Erdogan said.

Officials said Turkey has already sent a six-vessel flotilla, including a submarine, to enforce a naval blockade of Libya. They said NATO would also use the Turkish military base in Izmir to help command the Libyan mission.

"Turkey said yes to three tasks within NATO," Erdogan said, "the takeover of Benghazi airport for the delivery of humanitarian aid, the task about control of the air corridor and the involvement of Turkish naval forces in the corridor between Benghazi and Crete."

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