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Thursday, August 18, 2011     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Palestinians' Fatah severs ties with Dahlan

RAMALLAH — Former Palestinian Authority security chief Mohammed Dahlan has been formally expelled from the ruling Fatah movement.


The Fatah Central Committee said Dahlan was expelled from the Palestinian movement earlier this month. A committee member said a Fatah court rejected Dahlan's final appeal.

"Dahlan appealed to the movement's court, and the court rejected the appeal because the decision is the prerogative of the Central Committee and not the movement's court," Central Committee member Jamal Muhsin said.

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In an Aug. 14 interview on Palestinian television, Muhsen said Fatah severed all ties to Dahlan. Muhsen said Dahlan's appeal was deemed unacceptabl, Middle East Newsline reportede.

"The appeal presented by Dahalan did not complete the legal conditions, since it surpassed the time limit granted, which is 14 days after the appeal," Muhsen said. "In addition, he did not address the movement's president or the Central Committee. but addressed the movement's secretary. So the appeal was not acceptable."

For the first time, a leading Fatah member outlined the charges that led to Dahlan's dismissal. Muhsen said Dahlan was determined to have ordered the killings of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip until the Hamas takeover in 2007.

"We have witnesses stating that most of the killing operations carried out in Gaza were done by the security services led by Dahlan," Muhsen said. "We have a number of cases filed by the families of the murdered."

Dahlan, twice expelled from the West Bank in less than a year, was also accused of plotting a coup to overthrow PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

The PA has relayed a warrant for Dahlan's arrest with Interpol on charges that also included embezzlement and arms trafficking.

"The Central Committee terminated all that concerns him inside the movement by expelling him and now Dahlan's accusation file is being referred to the attorney general or to a specialized judicial body for consideration," Muhsen said. "Whoever is accused will be called to appear in front of the Palestinian law through Interpol."

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