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Tuesday, June 14, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Simulation finds U.S. military role needed to secure Palestinian state

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WASHINGTON — A high-level war game has pointed to the need for a U.S. military force to help any Palestinian state in the West Bank.


The Saban Center for Middle East Policy determined that U.S. troops would be required to guarantee any security arrangement between Israel and a Palestinian state in the West Bank. The center, part of the Washington-based Brookings Institution, asserted that such an American force could be empowered to act independently to halt threats from Iran or other foreign countries in any Palestinian state.

"Israel will inevitably require a guarantee of security to go ahead with any agreement that results in its withdrawal to what will ultimately be the final borders of a Palestinian state," the center said in a report released on May 31.

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"In the short term, this need would seem to be best served by an American presence within a third-party force to assist or temporarily supersede Palestinian security forces in the West Bank, and by maximizing American control and freedom of action, so that the United States, and not the PA, would ultimately be responsible for the portion of Israeli security that the Israel Defense Forces would effectively surrender as part of the agreement."

The report, titled "An Uncertain Road," was based on a so-called crisis simulation in March to test any security arrangement between Israel and an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank.

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