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Tuesday, September 13, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Israel bracing for more embassy takeover tries

AMMAN — Israel has bolstered security to prevent a takeover of its embassy in Jordan.


Diplomatic sources said Israel has reinforced security around its embassy in the Jordanian capital of Amman. They said the effort was coordinated with the kingdom in an effort to prevent an Islamic takeover of the diplomatic facility.

"There is strong concern that the Islamic opposition will try to do what was done in Egypt," a diplomat said.

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The Islamic opposition has called for a protest by at least one million Jordanians near the Israeli embassy on Sept. 15. The opposition said the protesters would storm the embassy and remove the Israeli flag.

The sources said the opposition has been encouraged by the success of more than 1,000 Egyptians in taking over the Israeli embassy in Cairo on Sept. 9. They said the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan has been in close contact with its parent organization in Egypt, which supported the attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

"The Zionist regime's mission was seized by the Egyptian revolutionary youths during the Egyptian nation's revolution, and now a same thing will likely happen in the other Arab countries," Mahmoud Jaber, a senior member of Egypt's Brotherhood-aligned Unity and Freedom Party, said.

Israel's Foreign Ministry has already declared a state of emergency in many of its embassies in wake of the takeover in Cairo. Egypt and Jordan are the only Arab states that host an Israeli embassy.

Jordan's Islamic Action Front has already been recruiting for the Sept. 15 protest. IAF has called for the expulsion of the Israeli presence from the kingdom.

"The government should take a rapid step to remove the Israeli embassy from Amman in light of continued Zionist violations against the sovereignty and interests of Jordan," IAF said.

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