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Tuesday, October 11, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Israelis get 'severe warning' against holiday travel to Sinai Peninsula

JERUSALEM — Israel has again warned against travel to neighboring Egypt.


The National Security Council has reported a threat against Israelis in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, Middle East Newsline reported. The council's Counter-Terrorism Bureau said Israelis could come under attack during the Jewish festival of Tabernacles in mid-October.

"Ahead of the Succot holiday, the National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau reminds the public of the severe warning regarding travel to the Sinai peninsula," the council said in a statement on Oct. 10. "To this end, the NSCCTB recommends that Israelis refrain from going there and calls on all Israelis there now to leave at once and return to Israel."

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This marked the third warning against Israeli travel to Sinai in 2011. Thousands of Israelis usually flock to the Egyptian peninsula during Jewish holidays.

Officials said Al Qaida and Hamas-aligned elements were operating in Sinai. They said hundreds of insurgents were identifying targets in Sinai as well as in southern Israel despite reinforcements by the Egyptian Army and security forces.

"Many jihadists were released from [Egyptian] jail, bring into the area many years of experience, knowledge, courage and people who actually do not have anything to lose," the Israeli government's counter-insurgency adviser Nitzan Nuriel said.

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