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Wednesday, July 27, 2011     GET REAL

Rights group protests renewed Hamas executions

GAZA CITY — Hamas has executed a father and son convicted of spying for Israel. The executions, which took place on July 26, were the first since May and came amid an impending financial crisis for the Islamist regime.


All of those executed in 2011 had been charged with working for Israeli intelligence. Hamas executed five people in 2010 without the approval of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

"This constitutes a violation of the law and constitution," the Palestinian Center for Human Rights said. "There is no justification for the implementation of such sentences."

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"The death sentences were carried out by the Palestinian security services after exhausting all remedies," the Hamas Interior Ministry said.

The condemned were linked to the Israeli assassination of Hamas leader Abdul Aziz Rentisi in 2004. Officials said the father and son, who were not identified, also helped in the Israeli assassination of Hamas commander Rifat Zaanin in 2003.

The Hamas regime has acknowledged that it was unable to pay the salaries of more than 35,000 civil servants. Hamas said the government lacked cash.

"If there's a financial crisis, then the government should say so," Hamas legislator Yehya Musa said. "If there isn't a crisis, the government should quickly pay full salaries to all of its workers."

The sources said Hamas hasn't paid full salaries to civil servants, including security forces, in at least three months. They cited difficulty with Hamas donors, including Qatar.

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