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Thursday, May 12, 2011     GET REAL

U.S. military equipment being sold in Kuwait
on black market

ABU DHABI — The U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq has resulted in a black market in neighboring Kuwait.


Kuwaiti sources said U.S. military equipment was being sold in the black market of the Gulf Cooperation Council state. They said everything from uniforms, body vests, combat knives and military bags could be found in the black market in Jalib Al Shuyouk.

"Most of the equipment comes from U.S. soldiers who came from Iraq and gave them away to their friends," a Kuwaiti source said.

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The Kuwait daily Al Anba said U.S. Army-issued firearms have also reached the black market. But the newspaper said the black market in Jalib Al Shuyouk offered mostly non-lethal equipment every Friday morning.

"The equipment was collected by Asians from U.S. soldiers in Kuwait," Al Anba said.

The sources said body vests were being sold for about $25 while an entire American military uniform could be bought for $10. All of the equipment was tagged with U.S. Army logos.

The surplus U.S. military equipment has found a much larger market in Iraq. The sources said U.S.-origin assault rifles and weapons could be found in markets around Baghdad and other Iraqi cities.

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