Options under Mao: Be slaves or be dead

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Lev Navrozov emigrated from the USSR in 1972.

Before the 20th century, China had existed for the West as a historical memory.

In the 20th century, however, China’s conquest of the world, to protect the tyranny in China, seemed realistic in the West: It was recalled that the population of China exceeds that of the United States by one billion, and an army so gigantic and well-armed could conquer the world if it is not defensive enough.

Mao attracted Western attention after he had become the chief military man of China and later its ruler.

The official name of Stalin’s Russia was the USSR, “The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” Well, China is just one republic, and hence it is one in Mao’s acronym: the PRC, or “The People’s Republic of China.”

The name of Mao’s army is the exact replica of that of the Soviet army: “Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army.” All of Mao’s ranks in China are fashioned after Soviet military ranks.

Soviet Marxism was Mao’s original to copy and admire.

What is Soviet Marxism? Marx was not involved in production. So, according to Marx, “leaders of production” are parasites by definition. The results were the enrichment of the parasites and the progressive poverty of the working class. What’s the way out? Eliminate the parasites!

To project his infinite power, Mao introduced or reintroduced mass torture even for a vague and often impersonal offense.

Mao’s status has been elevated during his rule.

Outside China there has been a strong fear that China is preparing the war to dominate the world, in particular to deliver itself from the danger of being conquered (by Japan, for example).

Just as some other silent skeptics in Russia, I wondered even as a child why social systems which advertised themselves as the most collective had one person — like Stalin or later Mao — as the overall leader or absolutist owner of the country.

There are discrepancies in all Marxist theories — as there are in life. A human being must be loved and medically treated like Mao, who lived beyond the age of 80. And here we learn that Mao treated human beings like insects, of whom he destroyed from 40 to 70 million between 1949, when he became the “leader” of the PRC, as he named China, and 1976, when he died.

It is small wonder that after Mao’s death the “leaders” of China have been processing its extra 1 billion people into global human troops and producers of global military weapons.

Let’s face it. The country with the largest and most technologically advanced army on land of the globe, on its waters, and in space will be the owner of the world. The survival contest has started; its advantages in the Western democracies being freedoms used by genius and talent, the defense of individuals and corporations against crime, competitive results and their protection.

A lawyer in a democratic country would say that nothing above contradicts its legal rationale. Yes, all that is required is to understand that the primary importance of this rationale is not the satisfaction of individuals defended by law, but the eternal Renaissance of creativity, which kept the historically old Renaissance country ever advanced. The new Renaissance needs a permanent Renaissance for its own permanent survival.

It is to be hoped, but should not be expected as a law of social spiritual development, that finally the Renaissance becomes universal, and the war, kept vigorously alive as a method of criminals (like Stalin or Hitler or Mao) will be discarded as was cannibalism.

In other words, Mao, who was born in 1893, expected as he was dying (and leaving behind his numerous former wives) that his sermons had convinced mankind to go centuries or millennia back, that is, to live as happily as in the “People’s Republic of China,” to use Mao’s name for the slave state of China.

Mao established his PRC by killing, torture, and maiming, and he evidently expected that his PRC bliss may thus be established everywhere, except those countries where the entire population can be wiped out, as Hitler was forced by a “powerful group” to wipe out Jews.

Mao aimed not at the destruction of Jews, but of all people refusing to become slaves.

To become slaves or be dead: that was the only general choice.

Yes, mass murder, mass torture, and slavery for all those who survive in China had the “leader” whose Chinese name was Mao Zedong, or Mao Tse-tung. Well, he had a shortcoming: his forehead was BOTH low and retreating, which made him look like a slave of three thousand years ago.

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