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Tuesday, September 28, 2010     GET YOUR INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Report: Obama won't stop Israeli attack on Iran

WASHINGTON — The United States, despite numerous warnings, was not expected to use military means to stop an Israeli attack on Iran.


Leading U.S. analysts have concluded that the administration of President Barack Obama would withhold military and other equipment from Israel that could be used in any air strike on the Teheran regime. But the analysts assessed that Obama would not order the U.S. Air Force to block an Israeli air strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

"There is no scenario imaginable in which the United States would use its own forces to disrupt an Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear facilities," the Washington Institute for Near East Policy said.

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[On Sept. 27, Israel and the United States signed an agreement for the development of a tactical missile defense system for the Jewish state, Middle East Newsline reported. Under the agreement, the United States would help Israel develop the David's Sling missile and rocket defense system, also meant to intercept cruise missiles.]

In a report released on Sept. 21, the institute recounted a workshop of leading U.S. analysts as well as retired military commanders in the summer of 2010 to discuss the prospect of a U.S. or Israeli strike on Iran. The analysts were said to have agreed that Washington rather than Israel must direct any military operation meant to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program.

"On one issue, there is growing consensus among many security analysts: if pre-emptive force is appropriate, the United States should take the lead in the attack, not Israel," the report, titled "The Red Line," said. "The use of Israeli military force against U.S. wishes would be catastrophic for the U.S.-Israel relationship."

Authored by deputy research director Patrick Clawson, the report asserted that Iran continued to encounter difficulties in developing missiles and nuclear weapons. The analysts were said to have agreed that Iran sought Western technology and was dissatisfied with assistance from China.

"The Iranian nuclear program has encountered technical problems," the report said. "Although some of them were presumably due to sabotage from Western clandestine operations, others have come from Iran's need to repeatedly reinvent the wheel — that is, to replicate what others long ago perfected."


Where do people like Esther come from, anyway? How did she manage to find her way onto this site, and STILL be as ignorant of history and fact???

Stephen Strachan      7:57 a.m. / Friday, October 1, 2010

The United states of America is the only superpower in history which is NOT imperialistic by nature. Never before was there a superpower which meant to do, and has done so much good for humanity. Does it make mistakes? Of course it does. But the United states of America and it citizens are a source of good in this world. Christianity is the base and source of U.S. moral power. (I myself a Jew) Anyone who argues in favor of Iran or China against the U.S. is a lunatic. To all U.S. citizens, you should be proud of your great country!

Roey      7:00 p.m. / Thursday, September 30, 2010

Iran is the epicenter of global terrorism. Many of us remember the little girls shot to death in European airports, the bombed airliners, hijacked cruise ships, the Marine barracks in Lebanon (an Iranian operation) and more. And you speak of nuclear "rights?" The most vexing question is why, after 9/11, has the United States engaged itself in two wars of protracted indecision and STILL we have not addressed the problem directly?

Brian W      7:44 p.m. / Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am so tired of this tired argument of the U.S.A being imperialisic....After WW2, the United states was the only nuke power...we ruled most of all of Europe...and we had Japan and alot of islands including the Philippines....When asked to leave we left....Does that sound like a colonizer peoples to you? Ester? That is a ignorant comment. Read history....The United States was born from a war to de-colonize the U.S....We have never been in the bizz of colonizing people.... Look at the last two wars. We really got alot out of those wars. We spent billions of dollars to rebuild the countries and lost alot of good men in the war....So where you get your facts is beyond me...People are fighting to get out of Iran not into that country. What does that tell you? Secondly, I think it's very sad that we have a president that is so anti-Israeli that people have to wonder if he would use are military to stop a attack on Iran? Am I the only one thinking that's nuts? To allow a country that believes their God will only come out of the well if all hell breaks loose in the world to have nukes is crazy....Wake up people this is real life. This is life or death.

Scott      5:15 p.m. / Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I agree with Esther, that we need to learn to deal with the Iran nuclear situation. Obama's way clearly has been a failure. That leaves "the other way", a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities and associated miitary facilities. We should do that now. The longer that we delay, the worse the problem becomes.

Syd Chaden      2:47 p.m. / Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I second that Omar... Esther, I bet you voted for that#@@ in the White House...

Andy      12:46 p.m. / Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well Esther, Maybe you should pack up your behind and move over there. You wont have any right's as a woman. Then your life would be complete. It shows that you are uneducated on the present regime. Read up a little before you post your comments.

Omar      12:18 p.m. / Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our imperialistic approach towards Iran is the only reason for all this nonsense bullying and threats. We are demonizing Iran to open the way to a third war in the colonized region. We have no business to interfere in Iran's domestic affairs and we all know that they have not threatened us or our interests. However, we know that they have oil and we want it and we will NOT stop at anything to get that oil. Iran is willing to defend her independence and will NOT allow a repeat of the 1953 in any cost. Her nuclear development is a right that they will not relinquish even in the face of threat. They have broken the mold that we have put all the Middle Eastern countries and that is what really is burning our behind. But we have to learn to deal with it one way or another.

Esther Haman      6:41 p.m. / Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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