Former sushi chef: Mistress suite in Kim's nuclear bunker

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Friday, September 1, 2006

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Il has a secret bunker near Pyongyang to protect him from a nuclear attack, according to South Korean press reports.

Kimís former sushi chef, Kenji Fujimoto, disclosed the bunker in a new book released in South Korea. The chef identified Kim's new mistress as Kim Ok. Born in 1964, she is a piano player and served in the early 1980s as Kimís technical secretary.

The former sushi chef for Kim Jong-Il, Kenji Fujimoto Washington Post
According to Fujimoto, ď15 minutes drive from Pyongyang is Kim Jong-Il's nuclear shelter at Fort 22. Fort 22 is the station base for Kim Jong-Il's private train, which also connects Kim Jong-Ilís private residence with underground tunnels."

The mistress lived alone in a mansion on the top floor of an apartment used by North Korean leaders close to Kim Jong-Ilís private residence.

Kim also has a safe full of cash that he used to pay North Korean leaders who went on business trips. Kim Ok would be instructed to take money out of the safe for the visits. Fujimoto and other staff were paid from cash in the safe.

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