Damn the infidels: Democrats, insurgents can't tolerate dissent

Sunday, November 14, 2004

To the Editor:

In spite of its highly partisan overtones, the impending promotion of the first Hispanic to the position of Attorney General and the first Afro-American to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by a Republican administration ought to be a sobering reminder to Democrats who insist on portraying the other party as a cartel of racist and elitist thugs.

No doubt they will make it their job now to tarnish the reputation of both these qualified candidates and question the motives of the administration as politics as usual.

You see, the manner in which democrats view those in the opposition is akin to the way Iraqi insurgents view those they are fighting against.

It matters not that those laboring on the other side are native sons or foreigners; for all intents and purposes they are first and foremost, infidels.

    Miguel A. Guanipa
    Whitinsville MA

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